Goal and Objectives

Connecting skilled manpower to creation and production
• To create skilled workers through training and involve them in production
• The raw materials for production will be provided by the organization and investors will be mobilized for this purpose.
• Collect buyers for marketing of manufactured products.

Empowerment and rights of women
• Legal assistance and treatment after torture
• Family Counseling and Motivation
• Arrangement to prevent domestic violence
• To make women self-reliant

Children of domestic workers who are out for work are at 4 types of risk. Mothers cannot keep their children in a safe place for financial reasons. Normally mothers leave their children in slums and go to outside for work. The risks are:
• Human trafficking
• Drugs
• Accident
• Abuse

Establish safe day care centers for infants to ensure the work of low-income mothers.
• Raising awareness
• Collaborate to avail various government facilities
• Ensuring the school and technical education for them in the future