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In Bangladesh, females make up roughly 50% of the population. Over the course of the past few centuries, women’s rights in Bangladesh have seen a number of significant shifts. Since Bangladesh’s independence in 1971, women in the region have benefited from the country’s policies, which have resulted in increasing political empowerment for women, better job possibilities, increased educational opportunities, and the implementation of new laws to protect their rights. Despite that, women in Bangladesh continue to face significant obstacles in their pursuit of equality with males.

At Srijonshil, we believe in advancing the status of women through initiatives including education, advocacy, awareness raising, vocational training, and job opportunities.

Our women’s empowerment program are as follows:

  • Skills Development Training for Women
  • Celebration of International Women’s Days
  • Day Care Center

Skills Development Training for Women: Six handicraft trainings have been conducted as part of women’s skill development programs. Four of them were organized in Dhaka, while one was in Munshiganj and the other was in Narayanganj. Over 180 women have been trained so far as part of our handicraft training program.

In addition, we enabled enthusiastic female entrepreneurs with ‘online business’ training, personal and professional development training, and motivational sessions.

Celebration of International Women’s Day: On March 8, 2021, in recognition of International Women’s Day, we hosted a conference to explore many topics linked to women’s empowerment, from the challenges they face in achieving equality to the benefits they reap from achieving it.

Day Care Center: A day care center ha been established for the children of lower-incoming women in order to ensure their smooth participation in income generating work.